The ABC’s and 123’s of Fall Protection

Falls are one of the most dangerous hazards workplaces face and unfortunately many also lack the appropriate fall protection and safeguards in place. Workers are at risk for falling from ledges, ladders, or platforms and this can result in serious injuries, even death. Did you know falls are the leading cause of death in construction?

Arc Flash PPE

If an arc flash occurs, it is critical that workers in the are kept safe by the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). OSHA requires workers to weat protective equipment for wherever danger of injury from electric arcs, flashes, and electrical explosions can occur. Arc flash PPE often includes leather gloves and shoes, a balaclava, safety

Forklift Accidents: Causes and Prevention

Forklift Safety Infographics

Forklifts are standard in most industrial workplaces but are also one of the most dangerous pieces of machinery found in a workplace. Powered industrial vehicles, or forklifts, are common in manufacturing facilities and warehouse and are used to relocate pallets, raise heavy loads, and move boxes and crates around the workplace. Improper use of forklifts