Top 10 OSHA Violations in 2019

Infographic of OSHA's most frequently cited standards from 2019.

Every year OSHA releases the top 10 most frequently cited safety standards. From a lack of training to improper PPE, these are the violations OSHA inspectors saw time and time again. This infographic includes the top  violations OSHA observed during inspections in the 2019 fiscal year. Many of these hazards make the top 10 list

Stay on Top of Ladder Safety

Even though nearly everyone has been on or around a ladder and they are commonly found in any workplace, they often have very dangerous consequences. Every day workers around the country are being injured from improper ladder safety. OSHA has listed ladder safety in the top 10 violations for this year citing 2,944 violations in

Pipe Marking 101: Why is Pipe Marking Important?

Have you thought about the pipes in your facility lately? Or the labels on them? All the different components of pipe marking can get confusing. It is important however, for safety and efficiency to keep the pipes in your facility properly labeled. Those working on or around pipes should be able to quickly identify the

GHS – What’s Next? A Timeline of GHS Compliance

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals is an international hazard communication standard. According to OSHA, more than five million workplaces and over 40 million workers are affected by GHS, it’s a big deal! Chemicals being manufactured, produced, and distributed will need to have GHS labels and safety data sheets. Although OSHA

Arc Flash PPE

If an arc flash occurs, it is critical that workers in the are kept safe by the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). OSHA requires workers to weat protective equipment for wherever danger of injury from electric arcs, flashes, and electrical explosions can occur. Arc flash PPE often includes leather gloves and shoes, a balaclava, safety

Lockout/Tagout Safety

The control of hazardous energy and something about lockout/tagout has consistently ranked in the top 10 of OSHA’s yearly most cited violations. It is important when service or maintenance is being performed on equipment that it is safely de-energized and re-energized. If a machine is mistakenly powered up during maintenance it can very serious, even

Surprise OSHA Inspection? What to Expect

Did you know the majority of OSHA inspections are conducted without advanced notice? Your facility should be ready for a surprise OSHA visit, so you’re not caught off guard and the inspection can run smoothly. An OSHA inspection can easily result in violations and penalties if your facility is not in compliance with their regulations