5S is the Foundation of any Lean Program


The 5S methodology is a framework that provides an outline for approaching organization that can truly transform a workplace. 5S is a systematic approach relying on visual management that consists of five steps: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. The purpose of 5S is often boiled down to just organization, but it is

6 Reasons You Should Stop Buying Labels from a Catalog

Catalogs have long been a staple for safety managers. Flipping through the pages and filling out order forms for labels and signs is a common practice, but it may be costing you. Having an industrial label printer on site is an ideal solution to the complicated (and often faulty) process of ordering labels. It gives

Gemba – A Powerful Piece of your Lean Toolbox

Lean manufacturing has a toolbox filled with tools and strategies that work to reduce wastes, involve workers from levels, and improve a facility’s efficiency. One of the most commonly used tools is Gemba. Gemba is a Japanese word meaning “the real place.” Taking a Gemba walk means walking around a specific area to observe processes

Industrial Floor Tape vs. Industrial Floor Paint

Having floor marking a facility is often done with industrial floor paint, but there is a better option! Whether you’re laying down aisle marking lines or creating traffic lanes for forklifts, you should consider using industrial floor tape. Floor tape offers many advantages for floor marking and this infographic breaks down why it is the

5 Steps for Pipe Label Compliance

Is your facility prepared for pipe marking season? Springtime, also known as pipe marking season, presents a great opportunity for reviewing and refreshing your current pipe labeling strategy. Having the pipes in your facility can really improve safety by easily communication the contents of a pipe those working on or around pipes. This can alert

Poka Yoke: What’s it all about?

In the world of Lean manufacturing there are many several Japanese terms used to describe concepts and strategies. One of these terms is Poka Yoke, or mistake proofing. To avoid inadvertent errors. Essentially, Poka Yoke is the practice of building mechanisms into a process in order to keep workers from making mistakes. It encourages developer

Tool Organization & Control with Foam Kits

A cluttered and disorganized tool chest or workbench can cost your workplace both time and money.  Whether your company is working towards a completed 5S project or you’re just looking for a new and efficient way to organize your tools, a foam tool kit is an excellent way to go. Tool foam organizers do not