10 Astonishing Facts About Arc Flash

Arc flashes occur suddenly and usually have catastrophic results. An arc flash is a dangerous discharge from an electrical circuit that can cause a traumatic force. Although these flashes only last a handful of seconds, it can lead to serious injuries and severe property damage. They can result in severe burns, ruptured ear drums, melted

Arc Flash PPE

If an arc flash occurs, it is critical that workers in the are kept safe by the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). OSHA requires workers to weat protective equipment for wherever danger of injury from electric arcs, flashes, and electrical explosions can occur. Arc flash PPE often includes leather gloves and shoes, a balaclava, safety

Lockout/Tagout Safety

The control of hazardous energy and something about lockout/tagout has consistently ranked in the top 10 of OSHA’s yearly most cited violations. It is important when service or maintenance is being performed on equipment that it is safely de-energized and re-energized. If a machine is mistakenly powered up during maintenance it can very serious, even