GHS – What’s Next? A Timeline of GHS Compliance

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals is an international hazard communication standard. According to OSHA, more than five million workplaces and over 40 million workers are affected by GHS, it’s a big deal! Chemicals being manufactured, produced, and distributed will need to have GHS labels and safety data sheets.

Although OSHA has aligned their hazard communication standard with GHS in 2012, the Globally Hazard System has been around for a lot longer. The development of GHS first started in 2012 during a United Nations conference and has since become a truly global standard across industries.

 This infographic is a comprehensive timeline of GHS dating back to 1992. Explore the different changes GHS went through, the standard’s process of being adopted globally, and where we’re at today with GHS.

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