Top 10 OSHA Violations in 2019

Infographic of OSHA's most frequently cited standards from 2019.

Every year OSHA releases the top 10 most frequently cited safety standards. From a lack of training to improper PPE, these are the violations OSHA inspectors saw time and time again. This infographic includes the top  violations OSHA observed during inspections in the 2019 fiscal year. Many of these hazards make the top 10 list

Stop the Spread of Germs

Infographic of preventative actions for restricting the spread of a virus

Help stop the spread of germs with preventative actions you can start right now! This infographic from Creative Safety Supply describes best practices established by the CDC for restricting the spread of respiratory illness. If you can’t avoid exposure, make sure you’re disinfecting surfaces and objects that are frequently touched, washing your hands for at

6 Reasons You Should Stop Buying Labels from a Catalog

Catalogs have long been a staple for safety managers. Flipping through the pages and filling out order forms for labels and signs is a common practice, but it may be costing you. Having an industrial label printer on site is an ideal solution to the complicated (and often faulty) process of ordering labels. It gives

The ABC’s and 123’s of Fall Protection

Falls are one of the most dangerous hazards workplaces face and unfortunately many also lack the appropriate fall protection and safeguards in place. Workers are at risk for falling from ledges, ladders, or platforms and this can result in serious injuries, even death. Did you know falls are the leading cause of death in construction?

Stay on Top of Ladder Safety

Even though nearly everyone has been on or around a ladder and they are commonly found in any workplace, they often have very dangerous consequences. Every day workers around the country are being injured from improper ladder safety. OSHA has listed ladder safety in the top 10 violations for this year citing 2,944 violations in

Lockout/Tagout Safety

The control of hazardous energy and something about lockout/tagout has consistently ranked in the top 10 of OSHA’s yearly most cited violations. It is important when service or maintenance is being performed on equipment that it is safely de-energized and re-energized. If a machine is mistakenly powered up during maintenance it can very serious, even

Surprise OSHA Inspection? What to Expect

Did you know the majority of OSHA inspections are conducted without advanced notice? Your facility should be ready for a surprise OSHA visit, so you’re not caught off guard and the inspection can run smoothly. An OSHA inspection can easily result in violations and penalties if your facility is not in compliance with their regulations